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Maternity Reflexology

I am a mum of two boys and believe passionately in the benefits of reflexology both before and during pregnancy. I had Reflexology treatments myself throughout both of my pregnancies and can't recommend it highly enough!

Pre-Conceptual Care

In an ideal world the time to begin to prepare your body for pregnancy is about four months before conception. The most important developments in the womb take place in the early weeks of pregnancy so it is a good idea when planning a pregnancy to ensure your body is in optimum condition to carry a baby, having rid the body of as many toxins as possible. Before conception, there are certain techniques that can be used that may balance the hormonal system, relax the client, and give an energy boost to the parts of the body that need it.

By having reflexology, ensuring your nutrition is good, cutting out smoking and generally taking care of yourself you will place your body in an optimum state for conception and early development of the baby.


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Reflexology During Pregnancy

Reflexology is one of the most relaxing complementary therapies you can choose to have during pregnancy. It is considered perfectly safe to have during pregnancy, improves your general well-being, is extremely relaxing and may help your body adjust to the major hormonal changes that it is undergoing.

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing and many women adjust perfectly to the hormonal changes that are taking place. However, there are others who find the physical and emotional side effects of these hormonal changes cause them a lot of grief! These can include anything from nausea, backache, digestive problems, anxieties, fears, symphisis pubis discomfort, tension and sleeplessness and regular treatments may help ease these ailments commonly associated with pregnancy.

The qualities of reflexology are excellent for creating a balanced mind, body and spirit which gives the ideal environment for the new baby growing within.

If you feel you could benefit from reflexology during your pregnancy please contact me on

Post Pregnancy

Once the baby is born the hormones take a nose-dive and this sudden drop can have a major effect on the new mother's emotions, as well as all the other pressures on the new mother, feeding, caring for the new-born, lack of sleep etc. Reflexology may help calm and ease an anxious mother and balance her hormones and energy levels. Regular treatments following the birth may also reduce the effects of post natal depression.


Fertility issues affect many couples and can be extremely upsetting. Some couples are told there is no medical reason why they are unable to conceive. Reflexology is by no means a cure and there are, of course, no guarantees but reflexology has had good results helping those with problems conceiving.

Although there is no one answer as to why some people seem unable to conceive, certain factors have been shown to be detrimental to chances of conception including stress, lifestyle, previous experiences and health issues. It is believed reflexology may help by balancing the whole endocrine system and reducing stress levels, allowing a deep relaxation that can ease the tension and help nature do its best.

I have undertaken training in Fertility Reflexology and I have my own treatment protocol that I follow. If you have been trying to conceive for some time and would like to contact me to discuss this further then please give me a call or email me on

If you would like a copy of my FERTILITY INFORMATION SHEET then please feel free to email me on

Assisted Conception

If you are finding me and have already decided to go down the Assisted Conception route then I can still help to support you. This can include Clomid, IUI, IVF or ICSI. The idea of Reflexology is that it will balance and harmonise your body but by the time you reach this stage then the medication you are taking is heavily stimulating so I will work alongside the drugs you are taking.

Again, this is a very indepth process and each person is an individual so I would need to discuss this with you in private. By the time you reach this stage I am sure it will have been a long emotional journey and a very stressful time. As well as helping to support you, Reflexology is great at reducing your stress levels.

Please contact me on for further information.

"Is Reflexology the New Cure for Infertility?" - This article featured in the Mail Online earlier in 2009.

Vaginal EcologiX Profile

Vaginal Health and Microbiome Profile

Alongside my work with the Gastrointestinal Tract ( I regularly run a Vaginal Health and Microbiome Profile with clients. This can be particularly useful for clients who suffer with infertility, vulvovaginal Candidiasis/thrush, bacterial vaginosis, recurrent UTI's, miscarriages, intersticial cystitis etc.

This is ground-breaking clinical tool which assesses the vaginal microbiome (bacteria and yeast) – a key ecosystem for female health and reproductive optimisation.

Using quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), this is the most technologically advanced vaginal microbiome profile to provide accurate analysis of the microbiota abundance, host inflammatory markers and pH.

NOTE: Vaginal EcologiX is not suitable for self-testing during pregnancy.

If you would like to book in an appointment to discuss these issues please contact me. This will be a separate appointment to Reflexology and can be done over skype. I will send you a questionnaire to complete first and then we will go through this during your appointment. The cost of the Initial appointment is £85.

The Vaginal EcologiX profile is £179. Please click here for a link to the test and a sample report.

When I receive the results I will schedule a follow up appointment in which I will go through the profile with you and provide a written report with supplement and lifestyle recommendations. The cost of the follow up and writen report is £75.

The Bio.Me™ Femme Suite

These are condition specific probiotics which are my go to tools for vaginal and urinary tract support.

Particularly beneficial in terms of recurrent vaginal infections, Bacterial Vaginosis, VulvoVaginal Candidiasis, Thrush, supporting fertility, UTI's etc.

We all know that when it comes to probiotics, strain specificity is key. Invivo have created three distinct, evidence-based probiotic formulations for vaginal, urinary tract, and reproductive support, specific to the vaginal symptoms and conditions that are routinely seen in my clinical practice.

Bio.Me™ Femme C
Bio.Me™ Femme V
Bio.Me™ Femme UT

If you are interested in running the Vaginal EcologiX profile (a vaginal swab) or therapeutics to support any vaginal issues please message me.

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Common Questions & Concerns

Are there any adverse reactions?

If you have a build up of toxins (from poor diet, lack of hydration, sleep etc) then you might experience some tenderness during a session. This is a normal reaction if you suffer poor health in general. It simply means that the reflexology is working to achieve a balance in your body, which ultimately provides a better environment for both conception and sustaining the fetus.

Are the Sessions Painful, or can they be?

A session should be relaxing and enjoyable as my intention is to relieve your stress not add to it! However, as mentioned above, if you have any underlying health issues, these will show up as tender areas on the feet. I aim to bring balance to the body and improve blood supply to the areas in need.

Do I need to get permission from my Obstetrician/Midwife?

You may feel happier informing your obstetrician/midwife that you are receiving reflexology, although it is not necessary if you have a natural, uncomplicated pregnancy. I am finding more midwifes seem to be recommending reflexology to help provide stress relief and relaxation during pregnancy.

Can Reflexology cause a miscarriage?

NO ! Maternity Reflexology can not, will not and does not cause a viable fetus to be miscarried nor delivered early. Many midwifes believe that during the first trimester, the most common cause of miscarriage is chromosomal abnormalities. Miscarriage is a very traumatic time and reflexology can help following this sad time as it provides healing comfort to the client as well as helping to bring the hormonal system back into balance.

What if I am taking Fertility Drugs?

Please see above for the section on Assisted Conception. There are times that I will work and times that I will not but this will be explained in your initial consultation.

The main reason for this is that reflexology will aim to balance the body to produce a single ovum, which is contradictory to the drug therapy. When the course of drugs has been completed then, with the permission of your specialist, reflexology can commence.

Is Reflexology OK throughout the entire pregnancy?

Yes, definitely ! As long as your reflexologist has been trained in maternity reflexology then there is no reason why you cannot enjoy treatments from before conception until after the baby's birth.

If there are any other maternity related questions that you may have that I haven't covered above please feel free to email me with these.

Please note: Maternity Reflexology is a wonderful complementary health support for sub-fertile couples and pregnant clients and is not a substitute for medical and obstetric care.


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