Hot Stone Reflexology #01

Hot Stone Reflexology

What is Hot Stone Reflexology ?

Hot stone reflexology relaxes the body at its deepest level by calming the senses, relaxing tense muscles and promoting relaxation.

I use hot basalt stones which help to increase circulation, increase toxin elimination, promote muscle relaxation and generally de-stress the body.

Hot stone reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing, calming treatment.

Is it Suitable for everyone?

Whilst Hot stone reflexology is generally suitable for most people, there are certain conditions where it is contra indicated. Please read these thoroughly before booking a treatment.

- Rheumatoid arthritis in the inflammation stage
- Tuberculosis
- Tumours
- Open wounds
- Bruises
- Broken skin, thrombosis or phlebitis
- Varicose veins or undetermined joint pain in the calf
- Osteoarthritis
- Cellulitis on the feet/legs
- Any skin condition aggravated by heat i.e. dermatitis
- Very papery, thin skin
- Chronic fatigue syndrome or other immune conditions where healing crisis may be too great, it is better to try short treatments of reflexology with me first to check for reactions.
- Epilepsy or Diabetes - please get your GP permission before trying the hot stone reflexology and bring me a copy of their letter.
- Heart disease or uncontrolled high blood pressure.

Is it safe for children ?

Yes, the treatment time would be shortened and the temperature of the stones reduced. It may be particularly beneficial for stress and anxiety brought on in teenage years through social pressures, exam pressures etc.

Is it safe in Pregnancy ?

The stones can be used safely during the second and third trimesters of Pregnancy. They are particularly beneficial for pre-conception stage.

Where is it done ?

I do not work mobile with the hot stones. The treatment is carried out in Bromley at my home.

What should I wear ?

Something comfortable and that you can pull up to the knee. Skinny jeans are not suitable!! Tracksuit trousers or similar would be ideal.

What is The price of a Hot Stone Reflexology Treatment ?

The treatment takes approximately an hour and 15 minutes and costs 50.